Wanderlust: Dallas and NYC

I went to two writers’ conferences, in two different states in two consecutive weekends. It might seem crazy, but for me crazy works.

Though extremely tired and facing the consequences of eating breakfast at that random place nobody visits in Newark Liberty’s food court, it’s hard to put into the words the satisfaction I felt as I boarded my plane from Newark to San José.

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Wanderlust: Chaos

It took me three days, five cities, three delays and two missed flights to get to Europe

Flying is a Pandora’s box that makes you either ask yourself why or thank the heavens for an amazingly precise and efficient flight.

It all started the night before. At about 11:58 pm I got an email: Dear passenger, your flight has been cancelled. Just like that.

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Wanderlust: Vancouver

Mi viaje consistía en tres partes: dos días en Vancouver, seis días en Squamish y luego tres días más de vuelta en la ciudad y aunque ni siquiera había aterrizado, ya odiaba mi destino.  La amable Vancouveriana que viajaba al lado me dijo: “tu primer hotel queda en una zona un poco peligrosa. ¿Squamish? ¡No hay nada qué hacer! Y volvés a Vancouver en medio distrito gay.”

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