Favorite Song: These Days

Some songs stay with us for the rest of our lives, even if our taste in music shifts from side to side. Periodically, I’ll post reviews of my personal pillars of music. Here’s the first.


These days–there ain’t a ladder on the streets.

What is the purpose of a song but to generate a connection?

Periodically, I plan to post reviews about songs that have permeated deep into my memory, for a wide array of reasons. The first one is actually the first album I ever bought.

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Why I stopped listening to heavy metal

I love metal music, I do. Most of my music falls under this category (whether that’s good or bad), and when I ventured into finding new groups, I rarely stepped outside the realm of distorted guitars, power belting, rapid-firing drums and enchanting vocals–my inclination has always been towards female voices.

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