What I learned at the Summit

The definition of peace is changing, and for it to become a reality, the entire world needs to be behind it

As my flight took off from El Dorado airport, I tried to align and organize all that my mind had absorbed in the past four days.

From President Juan Manuel Santos’ opening remarks to doctor Ira Helfand’s detailed description of what would be nuclear for us, every second of the 16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates was filled with learning.

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Journalism hangs in the balance

Journalism hangs in the balance

We feed off death, violence and sex, because it’s the only food around.

The WDBJ7 shooting is not only a tragedy because two innocent people died. It’s a tragedy because people are fixated on the video.

Our times are so violent that we actually want to watch an individual die just to see a glimpse of the reality we choose to avoid daily. If it’s on T.V. it’s even more justified to watch and be amazed, yet don’t feel like we’re committing a crime.

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Jennifer Lawrence, Isis, and the double-edged sword called Journalism

What do a startlet’s leaked photos, extremist beheadings and an empire’s demise tell us about the path of journalism?

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