Wanderlust: Chaos

It took me three days, five cities, three delays and two missed flights to get to Europe


Flying is a Pandora’s box that makes you either ask yourself why or thank the heavens for an amazingly precise and efficient flight.

It all started the night before. At about 11:58 pm I got an email: Dear passenger, your flight has been cancelled. Just like that.

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Todos se merecen un saludo

Avenida Siete.

El vapor luego de la lluvia de la tarde.

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If you’re waiting for something to happen in publishing…

Carly Watters, Literary Agent Blog

timeIf you’re waiting on beta readers…

Throw yourself into critiquing others; attend a writer’s conference, webinar, or workshop; outline your next book; set up your author website.

If you’re waiting for an agent…

Start working on (or finishing) your next book; avoid reading too much into agents’ social media posts; tidy up your author blog or website or revamp for a new look; decide on a blog or social media schedule that you can keep up with.

If you’re waiting for an editor…

Strategize with your agent about next steps; ask your agent questions so you’re up to speed when you talk with editors; avoid reading too much into editors’ social media posts; keep social media contact with editors to zero or a bare minimum; polish up your next project.

If you’re waiting for your book to come out…

Plan your personal publicity and marketing roll out; schedule a call…

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Late Singapore Leader Lee Kuan Yew Had Opinions on Everything

Fascinating, true, and much needed points of view on everything


Lee Kuan Yew had a strong opinion about most anything. As he once said, “I have been accused of many things in my life, but not even my worst enemy has ever accused me of being afraid to speak my mind.” Here’s a sampling of his other pronouncements over the decades:

On Singapore

We have created this out of nothingness, from 150 souls in a minor fishing village into the biggest metropolis two degrees north of the equator.

I have had to sing four national anthems: Britain’s “God Save the Queen,” Japan’s “Kimigayo,” Malaysia’s “Negara Ku,” and finally Singapore’s “Majulah Singapura;” such were the political upheavals of the last 60 years.

One arm of my strategy was to make Singapore into an oasis in Southeast Asia, for if we had First World standards, then businessmen and tourists would make us a base for their business and tours of the region.

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Mensajeros alados de Satán

No soy un hombre ordenado, lo acepto.

Hace ocho meses me cambié de apartamento dentro del mismo edificio. Buscaba más privacidad y no estar totalmente frente a la calle. En el momento, confié en el criterio del casero que me dijo: “el apartamento está fumigado,” y no seguí el consejo de mi madre de siempre fumigar antes de meter los muebles.

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Kindergarten Rule #101

Genevieve Angelique, or Genna, is a writer from Green Bay. I met her in Toronto at a writer’s conference. As a mother, she gives us a great piece of advice so that we can instill this attitude in others.

Genevieve Angelique


I’m in line at the movie store, waiting to check-out. A boy I really like is teasing me. It’s ok. We’re picking out a date night movie.

Kindergarten rule #101: Boys who like you, pick on you.

Well, this one must really like me, because he squeezes the soft baby fat underneath my chin. And then, to make sure I understand how much he digs me, pokes my waist and asks me how much I weigh.

In that moment, I become too pudgy for comfort.

I’m sixteen and a size 6.

I realize I want to be smaller.

. . .

I’m sitting in the library with a girlfriend, studying for an upcoming test. My friend has a wispy, ballerina look to her.

“You’re so healthy,” I say, commenting on the fruit she always eats.

She looks me dead in the eyes. “I used to just throw up, but the last time I did, my whole face became covered in blood vessels.”

I try to imagine…

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