So long, Dr. Sacks.

Dr. Sacks told me great stories, stories of love, frustration and wonder, though we never met.

It’s hard saying goodbye to an idol, because it makes them human. It means they are finite, just like everything else in life. Yet as the idols they are, the mere thought of them coping with death is a fascinating exercise in itself: what will my idol do? Will he or she hold up or spiral out of control? How will death treat my idol? Dr. Sacks was no exception to those questions.

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Journalism hangs in the balance

Journalism hangs in the balance

We feed off death, violence and sex, because it’s the only food around.

The WDBJ7 shooting is not only a tragedy because two innocent people died. It’s a tragedy because people are fixated on the video.

Our times are so violent that we actually want to watch an individual die just to see a glimpse of the reality we choose to avoid daily. If it’s on T.V. it’s even more justified to watch and be amazed, yet don’t feel like we’re committing a crime.

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El tiempo lo dice todo

Un tributo, un cuestionamiento, una conversación. A la mierda con el tiempo.

A la mierda con el tiempo, aunque lo diga todo. Conforme se acercaban los días, yo me juré a mí mismo que todo estaba bien, que el tiempo había rendido suficiente para decir que estaba listo y que no pasaría nada. Pero no es así. Aquí estoy, con vos, un año después, conversando todo lo que faltó.

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Wanderlust: Dallas and NYC

I went to two writers’ conferences, in two different states in two consecutive weekends. It might seem crazy, but for me crazy works.

Though extremely tired and facing the consequences of eating breakfast at that random place nobody visits in Newark Liberty’s food court, it’s hard to put into the words the satisfaction I felt as I boarded my plane from Newark to San José.

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