Mental Illness

This is a transcript from a friend.

Mental illness is misunderstood because, like many other diseases, it’s not palpable. Treatments, society anda self-balance are hard and usually never-ending. This is a first-hand testimony; please read it and share.

Dear all, I suffer from a mental illness. I have since I was about twelve, but I only started treatment two years ago. Basically, when I was young I created two characters to protect me. One, a Saint, the other an Angel with demonic perceptions. Together they became the Arkangel. It started as a book. A figment of my imagination, but slowly they began to take form, shape and a life of their own. They lived inside my head. They were real. I could switch personalities and become the Arkangel. Or they could take over. They made me do things against my will. I had no control. It was another person living inside me. Eventually I was aware there was something wrong, but I did nothing about it. I was waiting for my fairy tale princess to come and rescue me, for magic, destiny or divine intervention to fix the problem. It very nearly cost my life. It very nearly cost the lives of others. I waited. But the problen does not fix itself. It requires professional help and medication. Mental illness should be no different to diabetes: a life threatening condition, but if properly dealt wilth, not a problem. It took catastrophe and the better part of twelve years for me to seek help, but it shouldn’t. And it wohld not have if the taboo and myth surrounding mental illness did not exist. This is why I am speaking out. Today, I have been in treatment for nearly two years. I take anti-psychotics and anti-depressants every day. I go to talking therapy once a week. I am fine. I am OK and very happy. Life is great. The only thing missing is my fairy tale princess. Life is good because I got help. Now I wish I had gone sooner. I regret the two (potential…I do not honestly know how they felt) relationships I. could have had but did not because of my illness.

Please, help break the taboo. Spread the word. Mental health is no different to physical health. Medical help is out there. Just go and get it.

Share this message to help those suffering and break the taboo.

Author: Bernardo Montes de Oca

Escribo de este mundo. Aunque es cansado.

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